Cold Plates Design

Fast exploration of the design space for optimized liquid cooling.

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Meet requirements faster. Exceed cooling and pressure drop targets.

NCS allows to create better cold plates designs by considering performance earlier in the conception cycle.

Easy integration with your CAE toolchain

Defy constraints

Designing performant cold plates is a key challenge for the transition to e-mobility. Constraints vary depending on installation space specifications, operating conditions and the chosen manufacturing method.

cold plates
Design generated in NCS (predictive model). Simulation data in Ansys Fluent.

With NCS, designers obtain performance insights for cold plate designs quicker. They assess confidently the performance early in the design phase and react effortlessly to any requirement changes throughout the product development cycle.

Fast design generation

The cold plate design module library allows to create innovative designs. Fully automatically.

Accurate predictive models

NCS predictive models can estimate the performance of a cold plate in less than a second. This allows to test thousands of designs during optimization campaigns and pick the best one to stay ahead of the competition.


Battery Cold Plate Design Optimization

"With the increasing focus on the electrification of personal mobility, shortened development cycles with high-cost pressure have to be managed quicker than ever in the Automotive Industry, at minimal development cost. This use-case explores AI-based performance prediction and its application on the design and simulation of cooling plates for electric vehicles’ battery."

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