Heat Exchanger Design

Fast exploration of the design space. Innovative optimized geometries.

Meet requirements faster. Exceed cooling and pressure drop targets.

Meet requirements faster. Exceed cooling and pressure drop targets.
NC allows to create better heat exchanger designs by considering performance earlier in the conception cycle.

Defy constraints

Designing performant heat exchangers is a key challenge for the transition to e-mobility. Constraints vary depending on installation space specifications, operating conditions and the chosen manufacturing method.

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With NC, designers obtain performance insights for new heat exchanger designs quicker. They assess confidently the performance early in the design phase and react effortlessly to requirement changes throughout the development cycle.

Fast Design Evaluation

Use the predictive model to assess new designs in real time, straight from the output of your CAD software. Evaluate KPIs in seconds: cooling efficiency, pressure drop, temperature homogeneity, and more.

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Effortless design iterations

Tired of manually updating your designs in the CAD software? Use the integrated design module library to iterate quickly and generate known or innovative geometries.

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Frontload optimization

Exceed demanding requirements by making AI-powered optimization campaigns accessible to designers. Find the best flow configuration.

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Easy integration with your CAE toolchain

Success story

Battery Cold Plate Design Optimization

"With the increasing focus on the electrification of personal mobility, shortened development cycles with high-cost pressure have to be managed quicker than ever in the Automotive Industry, at minimal development cost. This use-case explores AI-based performance prediction and its application on the design and simulation of cooling plates for electric vehicles’ battery."

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