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EMAG simualtions are a key block in the energy transition

With NCS, you can build AI surrogate models that are orders of magnitude faster than traditional CAE methods. This means you can iterate more quickly and reduce your development costs, bringing your E-motor to market faster, with lower costs, and higher performance.

HVAC systems are difficult to model accurately due to the complex interactions between many components

NCS lets you build AI surrogate models that capture the complex behavior of your HVAC system. This means you can design more efficient and comfortable HVAC systems, with fewer iterations and less risk.

Hydrodynamic simulations are computationally expensive and can take days or even weeks to run

NCS enables you to build AI surrogate models that are orders of magnitude faster than traditional hydrodynamic simulations. This means you can explore more design options and get results more quickly, lowering the overall costs.

Manufacturing processes are complex and can be difficult to control

NCS equips you to build AI surrogate models that can predict the behavior of your manufacturing process. This means you can optimize your manufacturing operations and improve your product quality, without sacrificing efficiency or flexibility.

While crash simulations are essential for vehicle safty, they can be very expensive to run

NCS empowers you to build real-time AI surrogate models. This means you can run more simulations and improve the safety of your vehicles, without putting your customers at risk.