NCS in Waveguide Simulations

Swissto12 is a company which is developing high-end waveguide routing solutions for aerospace applications.

The design of the waveguide has a major influence on the final performances of the signal, especially when the device has to fit within a whole assembly, where size and space are also restricted. Hence Swissto12 is constantly working to improve the critical phase of design, to be able to provide their final customers with customized state-of-the-art waveguides, in a short period of time.

The standard workflow requires lengthy loops between the CAD and CAE teams, and only a limited number of designs can be explored in the project timeframe. By collaborating with Neural Concept, Swissto12 is now providing the CAD designers with a real-time design exploration tool. The surrogate model, embedded in a customized application, give instantaneous predictions on the radio-frequency values of interest, defining the performance of the waveguide.

A confidence index is also given together with the prediction of the model, to indicate if the engineer can/should “trust” the result, or should re-simulate this particular shape (see figure 2). Thanks to Neural Concept Shape, CAD designers have now access to post-processed simulation results directly from their CAD software, allowing them to iterate much faster between geometries/designs, fully integrated in their standard workflow. The company is now much more flexible in the design workflow, and can adapt faster to the ever-changing requirements of the final customers.

Figure 1: The engineer uploads antenna designs in the application, directly exported from the CAD software.
Figure 2: Once a geometry is uploaded, the designer gets an instantaneous predictions of the performances of the design.
About the author
Thomas von Tschammer
As Neural Concept Director of Operation, he joined the team in 2018 aiming to empower engineers with next a next generation tool dedicated to CAD and CAE.