Building a successful market expansion: new collaboration between Neural Concept & CYBERNET (Japan)

Jun 17, 2022

Neural Concept is pleased to announce a new partnership with CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTD.

Neural Concept technology makes the power of deep learning accessible to design engineers, for real-time simulation and interactive design optimization.

As a leading CAE company in Japan, CYBERNET has provided software, educational services, technical support, and consulting to R&D and design-related departments for manufacturing companies, universities, and government research institutes for more than 30 years. They have specialized in proposing solutions in the areas of IoT, digital twin, big data analysis, and AI, combined with CAE and AR/VR technologies.

This collaboration aims at sharing Neural Concept’s solution and vision in Japan, supporting industrial companies speeding up R&D cycles, enhancing product performance and helping to solve the toughest engineering challenges.

Over the last 12 months, Neural Concept has more than tripled its number of customer companies, mainly active in the automotive, aerospace, marine and electronics sectors. Today, they are working with more than 50 major companies across Europe, Asia and the United States.

About Neural Concept

Neural Concept Ltd. is a spin-off from EPFL in Lausanne, founded in 2018 by Pierre Baqué and EPFL professors Francois Fleuret and Pascal Fua. The company was born in a top notch research lab and the values of research are in their DNA. They are honest, pragmatic and passionate about innovation. Neural Concept is building software to help all those working on new technologies to foster a great and sustainable future on our planet and outside. Neural Concept has a team of 25+ people, fully committed to revolutionizing the future of industrial engineering with intelligence.

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CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTD.’s corporate vision is "creating a sustainable society and inspiring the world through technology and ideas”. Their goal is to solve the problems of their customers, who face increasingly diverse and complex technological issues every day, with technology and ideas that exceed their expectations, and to lead them to the next level of innovation.

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About the author
Thomas von Tschammer
As Neural Concept Director of Operation, he joined the team in 2018 aiming to empower engineers with next a next generation tool dedicated to CAD and CAE.