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Neural Concept creates Deep Learning algorithms for enhanced engineering. As a team of talented and experienced application engineers, machine learning researchers, and sales and marketing professionals, we are working for global leaders in various industries.

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By helping them speed up their R&D cycles, augment their product performance, and solve their engineering challenges, we ensure our customers' trust in our technology and allow them to stay ahead of the curve in their fields.

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Our Mission

We provide creative minds and computers the simplicity of a software to invent, design and engineer together to achieve higher levels of performance.

Our Vision

We want to help all those who are working on new technologies to foster a great and sustainable future on our planet and outside.

Our Value

Our Company was born in a top notch research lab at EPFL and the values of research are in our DNA. We are honest, pragmatic and passionate about innovation.
we value


We believe that you, our colleague, and our culture are the most valuable assets for the future of Neural Concept. This is why we take great care of our colleagues and work together as a team. We know that the greatest achievements are the product of teamwork and we strive for the success of the entire team.

Positive impact

We are committed to making a difference, not just in the industry but also the society and environment at large. We believe that our technology will support large industrial companies to revolutionize how fast they develop new product and therefore massively speed up their transition to sustainable products.


We are very much passionate about innovation, cloud technologies and deep-learning. Neural Concept was born in a AI lab and being innovative is part  of our DNA. Our product, Shape, is unique thanks to all the creativity of our engineers. 

Honesty and authenticity

We are respectful and honest to our customers, our colleagues, ourselves and the place we live in, our planet. We believe that respect and honesty are not only essential in our interactions with others but also in our life.

What is our product?

Our algorithms help companies speed up their R&D cycles, augment their product performance and solve their next engineering challenge. 

Our flagship SaaS product, Shape, has been adopted to-date by more than 50 engineering companies including global leaders in industries ranging from Automotive and Aerospace, as well as cutting edge sport teams from Sailing to Motorsport. 

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Where we work?

We would like our offices to be the centers to meet, work together, make strategic decisions and further develop our company culture. We have today two main locations - Lausanne and Münich.

Lausanne is the emotional as well as the strategic center of Neural Concept. Münich is the heart of our main market in the EU. We will continue to expand regionally in the future and we want to attract great people and offer them flexibility in how we work while further developing the amazing culture we enjoy.

There are three main aspects that we pursue when expanding:

  • We would like people to meet regularly as we believe it contributes to our culture
  • We would like to offer flexibility as it increases satisfaction at work as well as productivity
  • We would like to hire where we find the best talent person for a position
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